WEBINAR | ESG & Impact – Redesigning Asset Allocation & Investment Strategies for Improved Alignment

Ksapa delves into Sustainable Finance, ESG and Impact in the context of Mission Related Investments and Program Related Investments

What exactly is Sustainable Finance, ESG and Impact? How can an organisation use these strategies in public and private markets, and in active and passive management, to improve alignment with their mission and values? And, just how can an organisation redesign its Impact and ESG policies and portfolio allocation for more impact? What are Mission Related Investment (MRI) and Program Related Investment (PRI) instruments and how can they be deployed through investment vehicles such as Green Bonds, Impact Bonds, and Private Equity?

Together with experts from across the board, Ksapa will endeavor to address actionable methodologies, tools and collaborative initiatives to help businesses and investors navigate the rapidly-evolving landscape of Sustainable finance, ESG and Impact.

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