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9 hours ago
#G7 ministers agreed on a global minimum 15 per cent rate, and that countries can tax largest profitable #multinationals’ profit in the locations where it is generated. Great for people, job, and the planet. Learn more 👉 KsapaOrg photo
17 hours ago
In May 2021, the International Energy Agency #IEA issued the #NetZero By 2050 report, here you can learn more 👉 KsapaOrg photo
1 day ago
How can investors ensure ESG-linked pay is fit for purpose and does not lead to unintended consequences or pay padding? Read about it here ↓
1 day ago
Excellent and inspiring work developed by leading organization Corporate Excellence. Delighted to be a partner. Inspired by the 15 trends identified across this Approaching The Future 2021 report. A must read!

Merci @angelalloza @CorporateExcellence

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3 days ago
#DoNoHarm principle coming with #EUtaxonomy excludes #companies and #investor found in violation of global norms like #UNGP #OECDrbc
👉 @KsapaOrg Briefing paper to conduct robust @BizHumanRights #HRDD at asset level here:

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