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Inclusive: adjective. English word since late 16th century, from medieval Latin “inclusivus”

  • Including all the services or items normally expected or required.
  • Not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something.
  • (of language) deliberately avoiding usages that could be seen as excluding a particular social group, for example avoiding the use of masculine pronouns to cover both men and women.

Resilient: adjective. English word since mid 17th century, from Latin resilient (leaping back)

  • (of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
  • (of a substance or object) able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed

Background:Digital transformation, climate constraints, environmental pressure, growing inequalities. Related pressure from societies asking companies, governments and everyone to develop more inclusive and more resilient programs, products, and services.

We have developed a very simple conviction guiding this blog: business doesn’t make any sense if not strongly rooted in its environment. Sounds obvious, with lots of implications. You don’t satisfy shareholders first. You satisfy customers. They buy the products. This creates value. This generates dividend for shareholders. Very different.

From a sustainability standpoint, the very same rational applies. Business cannot expect to be resilient and create value without being strongly rooted in its complex social operating environment. You understand how climate, other environmental constraints as well as social demand are shaping new risks and opportunities for competitiveness and margins. You anticipate and innovate to define climate constrained products, inclusive solutions for people in the area of digital transformation. You create value and resilience for your business. You understand risks and make pertinent investment decisions.

Authors of this blog have explored these questions from multiple fields, exploring perspective of thousands of stakeholders across hundreds of programs working with governments, NGOs, academics, corporations and other passionate people around the world. 

Over time, we have developed a strategic yet practical approach digesting complexity and defining concrete solutions to transform ethics, green and social challenges into opportunities to reset a system which is anyway not working any longer. We believe, based on our experience and achievement there are ways to think differently, and pave the way for innovation, resilience, inclusion and competitiveness at the same time.

We have learned as much as we have been given the opportunity to share expertise with students, thought leaders, professionals, critical friends. We are proud to have contributed to design and deploy programs improving footprint and lives of billions of people. That said, we know the scale and complexity we are facing. We strongly believe in humility and collective intelligence to explore and widely spread solutions building genuinely a more resilient and inclusive world.

This blogs is a way to share some insight and engage with people. A way to contribute and help others to go faster and deeper to generate bigger and transformational solutions. A way to inspire citizens, voters, consumers, producers, decision makers in the way they can contribute to define inclusive and resilient solutions anchored within our societies, institutions and markets.

Let’s build more inclusive and resilient societies together. Enjoy and we hope you’ll stay connected!


Farid Baddache is the main author of this blog about resilience, impact and inclusion subject

Farid Baddache


Farid Baddache knows how to leverage Environmental, Social and Ethical performance, to innovate and improve competitiveness of corporations. Global profile with +20 year experience in sustainability combining corporate experience (consumer sectors, industries), NGO, academic, development, and consulting across 150 clients / 100 markets. Farid Baddache is member of several stakeholder panels, think tanks, impact investment funds. Board member.

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 3:08am
There are many interesting connections to make across #SDGs
Here's one: #SB50Bonn #Climate conference concluded to #invest massively in #gender to accelerate on #ParisAgreement
It's all connected I like to say!
#ClimateAction #inclusivegrowth #SDGs #ESG https://t.co/BxCMrWOj5u
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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 3:08am
Reinsurance firms have been sharing concerns with costs of #climatechange for 20+ years. What's new in this article? Now they start to conclude that #climate will make insurance too expensive for most people

#Climateactionnow #SDGs #JustTransition #ESG
https://t.co/3L06ziR7Ur https://t.co/t3WDmLOiMX
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