Ksapa’s 5-Step Holistic Approach

Ksapa channels its teams, expertise and methodologies to address these same 6 focus areas.

Given the interwoven nature of decarbonization, water stewardship, deforestation, circularity, social disparities and Human Rights issues, we operate through a systemic 5-step approach. That way, we deliver comprehensive baselines for businesses and investors to better understand their key sustainability risks and opportunities.

A defining feature at Ksapa is we not only offer assessment methodologies, we also steer our clients towards prioritizing key issues to define bold action plans. We focus on aligning stakeholders behind these risk mitigation solutions and help teams implement innovative measures and track their positive impact.

Who We Work With And Why

At Ksapa, we work with a range of clients across different industrial sectors. Given each face unique challenges, we tap into our decades of experience, diverse expertise, global offices and networks to develop tailormade solutions:

  • Businesses: Companies must understand their sustainability related risks and opportunities and design appropriate strategies for impactful action.
  • Investors: Financial institutions need data to safeguard investments against the physical and transition risks of climate change. That way, they ensure their tools fully contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and the transition towards a low-carbon economy. This ultimately helps them identify and develop suitable projects to facilitate investors’ long-term sustainability.

Ksapa is an impact business. We deliver solutions to bridge the strengths of corporations and financial institutions to design and implement concrete solutions at scale.

Top Reasons Why Clients Work With Us

Our team delivers bold impact through climate action or human risk mitigation programs throughout corporate operations and supply chains around the globe. Our competitive edge draws on a combination of the following reasons:

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