SHORT-TERM positions

LONG-TERM positions

We do not currently have any open positions. Be sure to check-in every once in a while for any update! 


Our mission at Ksapa is to provide scalable innovative solutions to help finance and business to accelerate their commitment and SDG 2030 impact building more resilient, inclusive yet competitive operating models through strategic advice, impact investing and advocacy

We value our employees’ contributions. We support opportunities for personal growth. We recognize successful results. We encourage teamwork and collaboration to accelerate transformation of business and finance, and actively contribute to build resilient and inclusive operating models altogether


What we look for in staff

  • Excellence: we strive for high quality of collective and individual performance in all our activities and for intellectual honesty and integrity at all times – while in the workplace and while working on behalf of the organization
  • Adaptability: ability to adapt and evolve is an essential quality to participate in the major transformations of our increasingly changing world
  • Respect: we value respect of others – of their roles and responsibilities as well as of their opinions and contributions; respect of commitments to each other and to external partners. We encourage diversity and inclusion
  • Think big with humility: we believe remaining humble & in learning attitude is key to strengthen the way our solutions are designed and deployed in the best Systemic, Sustainable, Scalable, and Replicable way we genuinely can
  • Passion for social change: we share a deep will to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, to make the collective prevail over the individual and to act for climate emergency