Sustainability efforts have no doubt amplified across the recent decades. But they are still clearly short in scale and impact to build more inclusive societies in a climate constrained world.

We provide innovative financing solutions and impact investing programs management services to accelerate UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) fulfilment.

Drawing on our sustainability and financial expertise, we work with institutional and private investors, and with operating companies across every industry. We design, organize and implement economically performing investment programs. These programs are developed to also have positive impact for the benefits of the many. We build partnerships and structures aiming at delivering greater impact and performance on middle and long term range, through innovative business models and investment schemes.

We structure, organize and advise impact investing funds investing in sustainability-themed investing programs we design and manage (rather than acting as venture capital funds investing in start-ups or taking participation in companies). These programs and investments are conceived to have impact on real world operations and people on themes including: education, vocational training, health, decent work, gender equality, agriculture, energy, climate action, and circular economy.

For instance, we are developing a program called Scale Up Training Initiative (SUTTI).
SUTTI is a Ksapa program aiming at designing and organizing large scale Technical and Vocational Training programs in order to skill up smallholder Farmers in terms of know-how and competencies. These farmers work in fragmented supply chains producing agricultural commodities, mainly in South East Asia.
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Besides, we assist companies and investors in the management of their investments, financial assets, participations or subsidiaries through active ownership assistance and shareholders’ representation.