Social disruptions and environmental crashes underway, combined with profound digital transformations, are demanding investors and businesses to accelerate adaptation of large scale and complex business models and value chains. Transformation is needed to adapt and contribute to build more sustainable and inclusive societies.

Challenge and urgency are more pressing every day. Luckily the global agenda is very clear today, and global priorities for investors and businesses are well defined: the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 offer a comprehensive framework for investors and companies to build more resilient and more inclusive business models and value chains. 

Besides, we believe it is in the best companies’ interest to take into account sustainability issues and more generally implement long-term oriented decision making processes. Conception and development of more resilient and sustainable economic models and organizations will ensure a better long-term stability, reliability and profitability.

About us


We are a social purpose corporation. We want to encourage investors and companies to move towards value creation driven by high-impact projects in line with their priorities in terms of Sustainable Development Objectives. We obviously apply these commitments to the way we manage our own organization. 
We also want to promote this vision and values by participating in the public debate and mobilizing pertinent decision makers. 
Finally, we want to act so that our teams, our customers, our partners and our investors feel part of a movement that includes and exceeds us all: the shift from an increasingly significant part of the economic and financial world to a more responsible, inclusive and environmentally friendly global economy
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