Socio-environmental disruptions underway and profound digital transformations converge to push investors and businesses to rapidly adapt complex business models and value chains. Transformation is indeed paramount to build more sustainable and inclusive societies.

The urgency of sustainability action is brought to light with every passing day. Luckily the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals spell out clear priorities for investors and businesses to build more resilient and inclusive models and value chains.

At Ksapa, we believe it is in the best interest of companies to gear decision-making toward long-term, sustainable progress. We would contend there can be no business where climate change impoverishes ecosystems and peoples. There can be no quality products where waste and human rights are allowed to prevail. There is no management that does not start and end with measurement. There may be no progress if we cannot collectively say what we do and do what we say.

About us


We are a social purpose corporation. We strive to encourage investors and companies to prioritize positive impact projects in line with their SDG priorities.

We strongly believe in walking our own talk and apply these commitments in our daily management. Our teams work hard to embody the Ksapa vision and values, by participating in the public debate and informing global decision-makers.

At Ksapa, our teams, customers, partners and investors are all essential players in promoting a broader movement toward a responsible, resilient and inclusive global economy.

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