Ksapa is a social purpose corporation. With that in mind, Ksapa is structured to provide innovative and high-impact solutions to its clients’ complex challenges. A team combined with a global community of experts and a Mission Committee allow Ksapa to offer maximum value to its clients with the benefit of a strategic vision and global operational reach for our programs. Finally, a Mission Commitee pushes Ksapa to stay true to its mission.

Fully committed to achieving our mission, our team combines various sets of expertise. That way, we embed both social and environmental issues into our business strategies and operations as well as in investment processes, ultimately generating economic performance in the same time as social & environmental impact. 

Farid Baddache is the main author of this blog about resilience, impact and inclusion subject

Farid Baddache


Raphael Hara
Managing Director & COFOUNDER


Christèle Delbe

Supply Chain Solutions, London

Julie C. Muraco

Sustainable Finance & ESG, New York

Hatim Issoufaly
Programs Director

Agronomy & Development, Reunion Island

Christian ChateauVieux
IT Solutions and Sustainability Manager

Digital Transformation Expertise

Margaux Dillon

Margaux Dillon
Sustainability Consultant

Social & Environmental Expertise

Sona Kessaria
Sustainability Consultant

CSR Strategy

Adrien Covo
Sustainability & ESG Analyst

Finance & Development

éléa pons
sustainability Analyst & community coordinator

Development Economics

Clément Sauvage
IT Development Officer

Digital Development


We firmly believe that we can only be successful through close engagement and collaboration with stakeholders who share our vision and mission.

As a team, Ksapa operates through a network of partnering international organisations and affiliated experts. By working together, we combine our expertise to complement and scale up, and provide our clients with locally-relevant solutions to efficiently meet their needs. Together, we provide communities, people and businesses with solutions to accelerate our contribution to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

MEET SOME OF OUR experts & partners

Leila el krekshi
Human rights - human trafficking, labor exploitation

Helsinki, FI

Ernest Gonzales
Sustainable Finance (Investment Banking & Private Equity) & ESG

San Francisco, US

Miguel Tovar
Sustainability, Communications and Public Affairs at Alterpraxis

Mexico (CDMX), MEX

Rituparna majumdar
Labour & Gender rights, Human Rights Due Diligence

New Delhi, IND

Susana gallego
Quality, Competitive Intelligence, Sustainability and Reputation Management

Madrid, SP

Joachim Ravaud
Positive-impact technology, Palo IT


Diane Osgood
Responsible Consumption, report writing and ESG strategy

Chicago, US

Hadrien Salmon
Compliance & Green mobility

Paris, FR

Kai Robertson
Responsible Agriculture - Food loss & Waste, KOR Consulting

Washington, US

Antoine Heuty
Worker voice technology, human rights & grievance mechanisms, ulula


Ricardo Perez Nuckel
Negotiation & Mediation

Salvador de Bahia, BR

Cristiana peruzzo
Sustainability, Reporting, CSR Programs, NGO partnerships

Mumbai, IND

Alison Taylor
integrity, business ethics, organizational culture, sustainability strategy, activism

New York, US

Mario V. huerta

Mexico (CDMX), MEX

Binny Buchori
Climate change policy & community rights, indovibrant

Jakarta, IDSA

Sasha Radovich
circularity, sustainable supply chains and human rights

Oakland, US

sebastien tissot
sustainable procurement strategies

Geneva, CH

charine pakpahan
regulatory & governance assessment, indovibrant

Jakarta, IDSA

Antonio Carlos Carneiro de Albuquerque
ESG Social Investment & Sustainability

Latin America

Tatev Petrossian
Impact Strategy, Design-Thinking

Nice, FR – Yerevan, ARM

Annabel Short
Human Rights & Built environment

New York, US

florian vernaz
Environmental Sustainability, Climate Finance, Nature-Based solutions, indovibrant

Jakarta, IDSA

fabienne ntwa
ESG risk management, b4 purpose

Toronto, CA

Perrine Besson
Transformation of organizations

Paris, FR

Michael Oxman
Sustainability, Social Performance & Human Rights

Atlanta, US

Stephanie Schmidt
Social entrepreneurship, Ashoka

Johannesburg, SA

Tina Teucher
Sustainability & Communication

Munich, DE

Mélanie Salagnat
Sustainability & Social Impact Measurement

Mexico (CDMX), MEX

Susan Abraham
Community-based rural development

New Delhi, IND

Tony Gourlay
Impact Finance, Impact X

Sydney, AUS

Teresa Baggio Rossi
Dispute Resolution

London, UK – Rio de Janeiro, BR

Christian RUETSCH
strategy, marketing and distribution in financial corporations, sociology of organizations

Paris, FR

Priyanka Dass Saharia
Data Rights, Global south

London, UK

Thomas Radal
Worker survey technology, human rights & grievance management platform, ulula

Lyon, FR

Amandine Duquesne
CSR Audit & Consulting, RSM

Paris, FR

Pablo Fuentes
CSR/ESG/Sustainability Strategy, Sustainable Supply Chain, Human Rights and Stakeholder Engagement, Rever Consulting

São Paulo, BR

Fabienne Hara
International affairs, peacemaking/building in fragile states, SDGs, migration, global goods diplomacy

Paris, FR

Thomas Petex
Impact Finance

Nairobi, KE

Silvia Guzmán-Araña
Sustainability & innovation

Madrid, SP

Charlotte Vang Gregersen
Impact Investing & Scaling of Impact Startups

Copenhagen, DK

As a purpose-driven organization, Ksapa set up a Mission Committee composed of executives with varied professional and academic bakgrounds. It ensures our work is consistent with our public commitments.


Former Director of the agency specialised in financing for real estate professionals (ex CIG) and former Director of Public Economy Markets at Société Générale


Managing Director of Planète Urgence


Former President of Esfin Gestion (Crédit Coopératif)


University Professor of Economics, Innovation and Sustainable Development


Chief Financial Officer & Partner at RSM Paris

Margaux Dillon


Ksapa Consultant