Our Mission report

A Mission Committee is convened annually to evaluate the adequacy of Ksapa’s activities with Ksapa’s mission as a mission-driven organization. This Committee is composed of a panel of experts covering all Ksapa’s activities. It includes, in alphabetical order :

  • Isabelle Baillet – having notably directed the activities of the General Real Estate Credit and the public economy markets within Société Générale
  • Etienne de Bryas – Partner of RSM France and founder of MBV et Associés
  • Amandine Hersant – Managing Director of the NGO Planète Urgence 
  • Dominique de Margerie – Former Chairman of the Board of Esfin Gestion (Crédit Coopératif)
  • Isabelle Nicolai – University Professor of Economics, Innovation and Sustainable Development U. Paris Saclay-CentraleSupelec
  • One employee representing the Ksapa teams
Mission Report 2021