Corporate procurement and supply chain managers face conflicting demands. They must create business value by optimizing costs, while integrating a sustainable approach in the assessment of their supply chain risks.

Ksapa provides methodologies and concrete solutions to manage these very issues. They involve improving asset performance, sustainable and ethical sourcing and compliance with standards. We operate through collaborative approaches and by prioritizing key procurement categories.

Thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge of the contextual and operational realities of suppliers and the related complex and interconnected socio-environmental risks, Ksapa supports buyers in their efforts. That way, we move beyond the conventional code-standard-audit triptych and implement innovative organizational, technological and educational approaches. Initiatives like our SUTTI digital solution. They onboard workers or temporary contractors, create supplier buy-in, correct recurring issues of non-compliance and ultimately contribute to building more resilient supply chains. 

Key Service Offering

  • Leveraging digital solutions, we innovate in our approach to audits and risk management. We notably harness Big Data, mobile telephony and virtual reality for our solutions to help clients manage the complexity of their supply chains and secure large-scale responsible purchasing programs. Learn more about how our SUTTI digital suite of applications can help get you started.
  • Our teams also work with suppliers to design pathways towards their sustainable energy transitions. Through our VCHET program, Ksapa combines strategic framing, innovative financing mechanisms and access to technical expertise. 

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