An ever growing number of the world’s largest corporates have Net Zero goals under the UN-backed Race to Zero campaign. Asset managers worth trillions of dollars pledged to deliver carbon neutral portfolios before 2050.

Net Zero

The International Energy Agency outlined the necessary measures for businesses and investors to actually hit carbon neutrality by 2050. Though the report spelled out a triple threat for all economic players, get in touch with Ksapa to learn how we can help your organization prepare:

  • First, we work with organizations to take the full measure of their responsibility and impacts. That includes outsourcing activities and the carbon footprint they typically externalize onto consumers;
  • Second, we help decision-makers question their economic models to justify offsetting activities in the absence of a solid alternative;
  • Finally, we support operational teams anticipate the legal risks linked to lacking understanding or sufficiently broad and bold action.


Interwoven climate, social and health crisis demonstrate how crucial it is for businesses and investors to analyze what they buy and sell, to secure what they pass on to the broader community, while shoring up their contribution for other players further down the value chain.

Ksapa typically addresses these circularity challenges through a combination of prioritization efforts, innovative investment models and collaborative initiatives:

  • First, we design and lead stakeholder engagement programs empowering our partners to identify where non-circular items remain acceptable. Our team otherwise outlines methodologies for your organization to develop the relevant elimination pathways.
  • Then we develop innovative funding models to mesh the perspectives of impact investors and industries. That is how we actively support the sharing of resources and mainstreaming of alternative industrial technologies or packaging solutions to slash non-circular items usage.
  • Finally, we design, coordinate and contribute to collaborative initiatives to help our clients adopt a more systemic approach to circularity. Collaborations simplify supply management both directly and indirectly – in a way that make sense as a rapidly scalable solution and the for the long run. 

A key aspect of our vision at Ksapa is to move beyond strategic advisory and match our recommendations with concrete solutions to move forward. Learn more about our VCHET flagship climate risk mitigation program. Our teams are there to help you tap into technical expertise and working capital to scale your energy ambitions throughout your value chain.

Check out Ksapa’s broader Sustainability Consulting Services. Our teams can help your organization combine cutting-edge methodologies, bold action plans and the financial means to step up your Climate and Circularity efforts.

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