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Ksapa provides methodologies, networks and know-how to set up and facilitate collaborative initiatives. Ksapa supports private and public players alike executing on their ESG commitment sharing perspectives, best practices and coordinating efforts to maximize collective impact. 

As a mission-driven organization, Ksapa establishes and facilitates collaborative working groups bringing together a variety of stakeholders willing to overcome together the concrete sustainability challenges they each must overcome. Our collaborative initiatives enable participants to get together, explore their issues and objectives, and facilitate the sharing of know-how working in a constructive and safe working environment.

At the heart of these exchanges, Ksapa brings its expertise, methodologies, and global networks to guarantee the quality of the dialogue and the implementation of operational reflections.

Several ongoing initiatives led by Ksapa include: Aligning a group of 14 asset management companies on due diligence practices mitigating human rights risks in private equity operations, Enabling US and EU headquartered buyers to comply with regulatory initiatives impacting their efforts in green technologies, Alignment between construction companies and bilateral/multilateral funders on climate and human right assessment criteria for large infrastructure projects, Ongoing management of multi-stakeholder territorial programs to promote decarbonization and inclusive growth across several geographies in emerging economies…

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