Operating from Cameroon, Benin, Togo and Rwanda, VIPP Interstis has a long history of caring for its customers based in Europe

The strengthening of the VIPP Interstis group’s CSR policy is part of a growing context in which organizations must position themselves with respect to their ecosystem and demonstrate their ability to adopt a responsible and sustainable approach to their activities.

The aim is to provide tangible evidence of the company’s positive impact and, despite the prevailing uncertainty, to lay the groundwork for a fair and sustainable transition.

the challenge

The Group faced key challenges in that regard. In particular, VIPP sought to secure its commitments to its clients and improve its performance and non-financial ratings (including its Ecovadis questionnaire). The goal was ultimately to strengthen the commitment and loyalty of its employees, enhance the value of its expertise and comply with prevailing regulatory constraints. 

As such, the Group approached Ksapa to identify preexisting initiatives likely to carry its value proposition. Our team would also identify potential shortcomings and issue recommendations to address them. Our client engagement would result in a clear roadmap for the client to activate a comprehensive CSR policy.


Upon surveying client needs, Ksapa implemented a 4-step action plan:  

  1. The first step consisted in an inventory of all relevant initiatives, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Ksapa also analyzed past Ecovadis questionnaires. That way, we selected key areas for improvement through the prioritization of strategic issues and their documentation.  
  2. Our second step was to identify likely shortcomings through interviews with the management team of each country. We complemented their feedback with a documentary review of all initiatives and available data. Finally, we developed a differential analysis against sectoral standards (ISO 18295, LRS Label…)   
  3. Thirdly, we proceeded to update the Group CSR policy in line with regulatory expectations (notably the Sapin and duty of care laws in France) as well as other structuring tools.   
  4. Finally, we delivered a didactic roadmap for the operationalization of this CSR policy. This was assorted with a complete toolbox, inclusive of a monitoring and performance tool, reporting and external communication recommendations. 


By studying sectoral challenges compared to the initiatives VIPP implemented, Ksapa helped the Group reinforce its environmental and social commitments in a way that matched its specific operational context.

Our recommendations will enable the VIPP Interstis team to :

  • Put commitments, actions and indicators into perspective in relations to issues material to their specific sector ;
  • Align around next steps towards  resubmitting a questionnaire to Ecovadis;
  • Leverage our methodological insights to reinforce its CSR policy, focusing initially on Responsible Purchasing and Ethics.

About VIPP Interstis

VIPP Interstis is an actor offering an offshore alternative to European businesses in the outsourcing of their contact management. It is the 1st contact center in sub-Saharan Africa located mainly in Cameroun, Benin, Togo and Rwanda.

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