Stakeholders are increasingly demanding organizations demonstrate their ability to design and implement responsible and sustainable strategy across their value chain. That stakeholder ecosystem just so happens to be particularly well informed and engaged…

With a view to roll-out a new socio-environmental responsibility strategy, the Roche Pharma transition manager called upon Ksapa to conduct a materiality analysis. The goal was to better identify the non-financial issues of the Roche Pharma subsidiary in France, in line with its specific strategic orientations, reporting guidelines and the expectations of its priority stakeholders. 

A preferred tool among 63% of companies, materiality analyses are key to structuring and promoting such commitments. 

approaching the collaboration

Based on the specificities of the pharmaceutical sector, Ksapa conducted an extensive review of Roche Pharma France’s priority objectives.

  1. A tight knit team of consultants carried out a comprehensive mapping of key issues, risks and stakeholders for Roche Pharma France. A total of 49 issues were identified and divvied up into 11 priority categories. These non-financial issues were calibrated on the basis of a list provided by Ksapa. This drew on various international frameworks, from the SDG to the Access to Medicine Index, the GRI Healthcare 45 as well as the Non-Financial Performance Declaration, the Grenelle 2 law, CSR Directive and DJSI… Ksapa further reinforced its analysis with a review of internal action plans and indicators. The team was keen to ensure consistency with Group terminology, as a way to foster internal alignment around a consensual assessment of key issues.
  2. Based on this initial documentation phase, Ksapa consolidated its analysis by way of internal and external stakeholder interviews. The team reached out to 20 internal stakeholders, including the entire Executive Committee, Group strategic and operational practitioners as well as employees. This feedback was complemented with perspectives from 21 external stakeholders, from healthcare professionals to patient associations, healthcare economists, experts, the media and other influencers.
  3. Finally, Ksapa developed a materiality matrix. We cross-referenced and compared initial results through various internal workshops. This way, we triangulated all Roche Pharma France priorities in relations to Group strategic orientations and stakeholder expectations. We eventually prioritized core issues based on whether they presented a risk or opportunity for Roche Pharma France in the medium to long run. These ranged from access to care to therapeutic innovation and personalized medicine, etc.

Ksapa’s recommendations were shored up by a critical review of emerging signals, the likes of the circular economy, stakeholder engagement, innovation and managerial excellence, human capital management, etc. We added an analysis of key trends over the next 3 years, pondering notably shared value creation, territorial development, environmental risks as well as aligning the Group’s value proposition with the ethical considerations of a changing world, etc.


This materiality matrix provided Roche Pharma France with key insights for the definition of a relevant roadmap aligned with its broader strategic plan. The resulting analysis streamlined the visualization of core issues, their importance and interconnections. This proved instrumental for the CSR team at Roche Pharma to address strategic priorities and stakeholder expectations.

This approach further supported Group staff to communicate priority messages in the context of ongoing stakeholder dialog. Such an approach ultimately enabled Roche Pharma France to anticipate potential risks and secure its license to operate in light of currently sensitive activities.

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