The OECD defines inclusive growth as economic growth that creates opportunities for all segments of the population. It also distributes the dividends of increased prosperity, in both monetary and non-monetary terms, equitably across society.

Among the international initiatives developed to address these issues are the United Nations’ Business Call to Action, the G20 Inclusive Business Forum, the OECD’s Business for Inclusive Growth (B4IG) Pledge and the World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Economic Progress.

Client Vinci Group is a world leader in concessions, construction and energy, active in nearly 120 countries, powered by the engagement of its 218,000 employees. As a member of the B4IG, it was Vinci Group’s goal to strengthen an inclusive growth approach across a diversity of business lines and geographies. That way, the Group could better align its employees, business partners and users as well as the communities within and around its many assets.

A key challenge was to bolster voluntarism while adapting to Vinci’s highly decentralised structure. As a result, Ksapa opted to start with documenting subsidiary practices. That way, we assessed their replicability and potential to reinforce a Group-level inclusive growth policy.


Vinci Group approached Ksapa to identify a portfolio of activities relevant of a Group inclusive growth approach. The goal is to help to align Group strategy and business operations with market trends in the years to come.  

  • Ksapa’s CEO having been directly involved in the creation of the B4IG initiative, we suggested a methodology for to Vinci Group to structure its inclusive growth policy. This proved instrumental in outlining 5 key levers and sub-categories. Vinci Group could then leverage this to learn from the market, challenge the underpinning goals and bolster internal alignment from the outset of our engagement.
  • Ksapa was then keen to adapt its inclusive growth framework to Vinci’s terminology. That way, we could match the Group’s operational reality and the specificities of its different branches. Having secured formal alignment, Ksapa conducted a comprehensive documentary review of the Group’s relevant initiatives.
  • On that basis, our team developed an interview guide to survey some twenty internal stakeholders. These conversations provided key insights into subsidiaries’ expectations towards Vinci Group in terms of inclusive growth. They also allowed us to delve into supporting initiatives and tools likely to be replicated throughout the Group.
  • Ksapa finally mapped Vinci’s inclusive growth initiatives capable of shaping a Group approach. These included initiatives ranging from capacity-building to youth empowerment, the inclusion of low-skilled people, social entrepreneurship and technical and vocational training, etc. We highlighted their strengths and weaknesses with a view to identify areas for improvement. This to secure the greatest possible impact in terms of inclusive growth.
  • Finally, we contributed to strengthening internal alignment around inclusive growth. For example, Ksapa helped Vinci’s project team organize workshops and share key findings. We approached all stakeholders involved in our process, as well as select Executive Committee members.


By studying the diversity of inclusive growth efforts among Vinci Group’s business lines, we helped translate the concept of inclusive growth into a concrete operational context. Our recommendations are intended to support the Vinci teams in the development of a reliable and authoritative perspective on inclusive growth. The goal is to ultimately engage external stakeholders on the topic.

Ksapa also recommends Vinci Group to strengthen inclusive growth targets. Combined with clear impact indicators, these could eventually guide its medium to long-term investments and programs.

About VINCI Group

Vinci Group is a world leader in concessions, construction and energy, operating in nearly 120 countries. Its ambition is to accelerate the transformation of the living environment, infrastructure and mobility in the face of environmental emergencies. It also aims to contribute to social progress by acting as a humanistic, inclusive and supportive company.

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