We at Ksapa have supported various organizations with Human Rights consulting and socio-environmental impact assessments, stakeholder engagement activities and the activation of risk mitigation solutions across group activities.

To that end, we offer a tiered approach based on organizational maturity on Human Rights. That way, we help organizations get started, think proactively and ultimately step up action.

  • GETTING STARTED: Ksapa shares adapted methodologies, international frameworks and tools
  • THINKING PROACTIVELY: Ksapa offers insights into how innovative uses of finance and technology to streamline your efforts
  • STEPPING UP ACTION: Ksapa delivers impactful and localized solutions to match your operational realities and resources

A Comprehensive Due Diligence Solution For Granular And Scalable Action

Ksapa delivers comprehensive Human Rights consulting for businesses and investors to prioritize  key issues and define bold action strategy.

We also develop actionable tools for teams to identify, assess, remediate and monitor Human Rights risks. We help our clients harness technologies to build supply chain visibility and predictability – and wield the financial resources to do so at scale.

Sample Client Engagements

Though our human rights consulting practice, we help clients may address competing demands from national legislations (Modern Slavery Acts UK/Australia, French/German Due Diligence law, Dutch Child Labor Due Diligence law, US Withold and Release Orders…) across a range of focus areas (forced labor, decent wage, child labor, gender, migrant workers, human trafficking, Responsible Business Conduct, community relations, sensitive supply chains, customer and dual use of digital solutions…).

  • Human Rights Due Diligence Plans = Ksapa designs modular Due Diligence Plans based on client needs. This includes and often combines the mapping of internal and external risks, reviewing relevant policies and procedures across the value chain, risk remediation plans (monitoring, communications and awareness campaigns), alert mechanisms and their management procedures as well as overall impact monitoring recommendations.
  • Human Right Impact Assessment = Much in the same way, Ksapa can zero in on priority Human Rights issues linked to key products, geographies or specific investments (e.g. joint-venture development). That way, we support decision-making processes with preliminary assessments or more comprehensive due diligence solutions.
  • Responsible Supply Chains = We help businesses and investors better understand and address the requirements of 300+ sustainability standards adapted to their operations, products and geographies. We deliver actionable recommendations for risk mitigation based on specific sourcing categories and stakeholder dialog. We then match our assessment methodologies with impactful risk mitigation solutions.

Check out Ksapa’s flagship risk mitigation programs – namely, capacity-building programs for sustainable commodity production (learn about SUTTI) and working capital devices for supply chain energy transitions (learn about VCHET). 

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