How Tech and Innovative Finance Can Accelerate Business Contribution to the Pressing Challenges of Climate, Biodiversity and Inequalities?

This report will inspire and encourage deployment of concrete programs combining interests of business decision makers, investors and their stakeholders to accelerate transition to more resilient and more inclusive societies. Ksapa experts have:

  • Screened practices of 80 multinational companies, supported by research and series of interviews
  • Reviewed business trends and applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Blockchain, 5G, robots, drones, Quantum Computing and other digital acronyms that are reshaping in depth social interactions and economic activities across societies
  • Identified 13 innovative financial solutions capable of significantly increasing private investment in programs of decarbonation, water resource management, deforestation, circularity, more inclusive growth, respect for human rights in globalized and complex operations. ESG Linked Loans & Bonds, Impact Investing, Coalitions, Platforms & Blended Finance, Renewed Shareholder Practices, Tokenization, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance, FinTech & InsurTech 4 Good and Artificial Intelligence are explored
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