Why this blog ?

Ksapa is a purpose-driven company, willing to participate in accelerating the economic world’s shift towards more responsible practices, and sustainable, competitive, equitable economic models.

This purpose is reflected in our advisory and impact investing activities, but also in the sharing of views and opinions and participation in public debate.

Environmental issues – climate change in particular -, ethical and social issues – the growing importance of social inequalities for example – are profoundly changing customer expectations, markets and regulations, amplifying the societal pressures on economic actors: they weigh on our societies, markets, decisions and consequently shape the ability of companies to remain competitive.

Business doesn’t make any sense if not strongly rooted in its environment. A company is not just about serving its shareholders. Its role is broader, and it can only really create long-term value, including for its shareholders, if it gives meaning to its activities, in order to inspire, adapt and innovate.

Besides, the environmental and social challenges we face collectively can only be addressed if private sector actors combine their efforts with governments & international institutions.

We believe, based on our experience and achievements in industry, investment, development, publishing and academic world, that there are ways to think differently, and pave the way for innovation, resilience, inclusion as lever of competitiveness. Over time, we have developed a strategic yet practical approach digesting complexity and defining concrete solutions to transform ethics, green and social challenges into opportunities to reset a system which is anyway not working any longer.

This blogs is a way to share some insight and engage with people, in line with Ksapa purpose statement. A way to contribute and help others to go faster and deeper to generate transformational solutions. A way to inspire citizens, voters, consumers, producers, decision makers in the way they can contribute to define inclusive and resilient solutions anchored within our societies, institutions and markets, by participating in the public debate.

Enjoy and we hope you’ll stay connected!