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Our client is responsible for the construction of a strategic infrastructure providing access to renewable energy to people across 4 countries in Africa.

The USD 400 million investment is financed by private banks and multilaterals, who are concerned about the ESG impacts of the project on the territory. Our client mandated Ksapa to conduct a stakeholder mapping, and support the development of a stakeholder engagement plan that would align with international standards (e.g.: IFC performance standards).


Ksapa carried out various actions to identify all stakeholders directly and indirectly impacted by the construction of the dam:

  • An exhaustive document review, including all upstream reports (social and environmental analyses, reports, studies, etc.);
  • A series of interviews with internal stakeholders at headquarters and in the field.

Following the identification of stakeholders, they were analysed according to their relative importance, and organised according to the relevant themes identified by Ksapa (safety, local jobs, coexistence of economic activities, etc.).


400+ stakeholders were identified, representative of the complexity of the territory in which the strategic infrastructure is being built.

Ksapa presented its identification methodology, the mapping tool and a graphic representation of the stakeholders to the project team. The validated version was then presented to the consultants mandated by the governments and the financiers. The latter stressed the relevance of Ksapa’s tool for the next steps of the project.

The mapping tool is considered central to then organize a pertinent engagement strategy and a structured stakeholder engagement plan. Ksapa made recommendations regarding the importance of an effective and relevant engagement over the long term to ensure the success of the project including: investment and training of local staff, grievance mechanism pertinent to the issues and the local context, impact indicators guiding alignment across stakeholders.

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