In this briefing paper, Ksapa presents 6 areas to prioritize when exploring business’ responsibilities in respecting human rights while designing products and services that incorporate technology. 

Tags: digital transformation / human rights / inclusion / technology

The Low-Down

Digital transformation affects every aspect of people’s lives. It offers significant opportunities for a better quality of life, innovation, economic growth and sustainability. It likewise presents new challenges for the fabric, security and stability of our societies and economies.

Key Takeaways

Given all the recent media attention around the potential adverse impacts of digital technologies (particularly social media) on areas such as wellbeing, and policymakers stressing about reining in the tech industry, there is a growing consensus that this is indeed a challenge in today’s society. But where do we go from here if we actually want to move towards finding solutions? How can business better align the future of tech with respecting and upholding human rights?

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