In this briefing paper, Ksapa provides a concise overview of our methodology to understand and assess Human Right risks.

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The Low-Down

A Human Rights Impact Assessment essentially maps out relevant Human Rights risks across an organization’s value chain (operations, products, services, supply chains, etc.). This culminates in a series of recommended mitigation measures designed to be altogether robust, compliant to applicable national regulations and global frameworks – and, last but not least, commensurate to the risks incurred.

Key Takeaways

It is good practice to concomitantly map relationships between individuals and groups with valid claims (referred to as rightsholders) and State/non-state players with corresponding obligations (or duty-bearers). This approach allows organizations to identify rightsholders (and their entitlements) and related duty-bearers (and their obligations), effectively reinforcing the capacity of rightsholders to make their claims and of duty-bearers to meet their obligations. Leveraging an in-house Human Rights methodology, Ksapa works with investors and companies alike to help them identify, map and address their Human Rights priorities.

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