WEBINAIRE: Leveraging Digital Solutions to Help Scale Up the Agricultural Transition

Session enregistrée le 28 Février 2023
Ksapa explores how to leverage digital technologies to drive the transition to a more inclusive and regenerative agricultural system

Our global agricultural system can only be sustained if we collectively and rapidly transition to a responsible, resilient economy, that is also regenerative and inclusive. The acceleration of climate change indeed calls for a rethinking of the role of agriculture in carbon sequestration and the prevention of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the key challenge in mainstreaming regenerative agriculture lies in achieving actual scale. In other words, it must imperatively engage the first level of agricultural value chains – that is, smallholders at its very root. So what are effective strategies to engage smallholders in regenerative agriculture? What are the current challenges? Where can digital solutions come into play for these solutions to be truly inclusive?

Moderated by Christèle Delbé (Supply Chain Solution Director, Ksapa) and with an introduction of the regulatory landscape by Krystel Bassil (Senior Consultant, Business & Human Rights, Ksapa), this webinar will address effective strategies and best practices to effectively engage smallholders. Together with global experts from across the spectrum, we will examine how to leverage digital technologies to drive the transition to a more inclusive and regenerative economic system.

For this webinar, we are pleased to count on contributions from:

  • Christian Chateauvieux, Director, Digital Solutions, Ksapa
  • Claire Rhodes, CEO, Producers Direct
  • Benjamin Kwasi Addom, PhD, Adviser, Agriculture & Fisheries Trade Policy (Digital), The Commonwealth
  • Stanislas Bocquet, Founder & CEO, Palo IT
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