WEBINAIRE: Scaling Sustainable Farming thanks to Innovation Tech


décembre 9


11:00 - 12:00

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Achats Responsables, Parties Prenantes, Paysans du Sud, Résilience

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Numbers show that one third of the world’s fruit and vegetable crops will be lost due to climate change. In the face of our ever-growing food demand, We need new and more innovative production models and relationships to build a more sustainable and responsible world.

Smallholder farmers in emerging countries are the main lever to solve this environmental and social challenge, as—according to FAO—they produce more than 70% of the food consumed across the world.

To this end, KSAPA created SUTTI, an initiative dedicated to farmers’ trainings and products’ traceability in emerging countries. Because sustainable agriculture help decrease the carbon intensity of supply chains. The objective of the SUTTI program is to embark investors and corporation into the collaborative efforts to effectively impact real people.Together, KSAPA and PALO IT co-designed the SUTTI Digital Suite, to bring training, impact and traceability to these small agribusiness players.


During this webinar we will tell you the story behind SUTTI and how we are helping farmers in Indonesia, scaling sustainable farming practices adoption.


  • Jordan Coriton is a Senior UX-UI Designer at PALO IT and expert in impact design and circular economy. He works with the SUTTI team on user experience de sign.
  • Hatim Issoufaly is Project Director at KSAPA. He is responsible for the design and the strategic and operational deployment of the SUTTI program, worldwide.
  • Christian Chateauvieux has a double expertise in sustainability and IT. As the architect of SUTTI, he ensures its technical and technological development. He also participates in consulting activities for Ksapa, and intervenes more broadly on various topics around sustainability
  • Cypri Dalé works at Sun Spirit – for Justice and Peace, an Indonesian NGO, facilitating exchanges between different  political, economic and civil society spheres. He has now turned towards sustainable and integrated development projects (agriculture, education, environment).


Session recording

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