In this briefing paper, Ksapa provides a concise overview of tips to bear in mind whilst conducting effective community engagement activities.

Tags: impact / inclusion / local community / stakeholder engagement / sustainability

The Low-Down

“Community engagement” is a phrase that is used very frequently but we often do not know what it means. Community engagement is really about building trust, and improving and maintaining good relationships. This briefing paper tries to make face-to-face community engagement activities easy to understand and to put into practice for all employees. It also shows that building positive relationships can affect the success of a project.

Key Takeaways

A company is essentially the sum of its parts. Community engagement is overall really everyone’s business. Every worker, contractor, or other contact personnel attached to a site has a role to play, ensuring effective and trusted community engagement activities. Our ongoing fieldwork with capital intensive companies (energy and extractives, food, or large construction companies), and community stakeholders in building constructive engagements has led to the principles highlighted in this briefing paper. However, the community engagement process is far more important than the principles.

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