Ksapa introduces to 7 principles embedding gender considerations to strengthen the environmental and human right performance of global agricultural commodity supply chains

Tags: Agricultural Commodities / farming / gender / gender equality / supply chain

Gender Considerations When Sourcing Agricultural Commodities

A gender perspective applied to agricultural supply chains involves taking into account the roles, needs and contributions of men and women throughout the supply chain. It recognizes that gender inequalities and differences exist, and that these can have a significant impact on the agricultural sector and supply chain dynamics.

Key Takeaways

Applying a gender perspective seeks to promote gender equality, empower women, and enhance the overall sustainability and inclusivity of agricultural commodity supply chains. Here are some key aspects of a gender perspective in this context : 1. Gender roles and division of labor ; 2. Access to resources and services ; 3. Income and economic empowerment ; 4. Labor conditions and rights ; 5. Value addition and market opportunities ; 6. Gender mainstreaming and policy advocacy.


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