WEBINAIRE: Using Effective Human Rights Due Diligence to Streamline Compliance Efforts

Session enregistrée le 27 Septembre 2022
Ksapa explores how organizations can mainstream Human Rights due diligence solutions as a tool to streamline their compliance efforts

Businesses can – and should – play a key role in enforcing and promoting respect for Human Rights for all.

Legally-binding instruments are on the rise which ultimately lends more teeth to Human Rights Due Diligence. While this creates a mosaic of risk management efforts, various initiatives provide a framework for non-financial risk management (including the upcoming broad EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, country level due diligence initiatives the like France’s Duty of Care Law, Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act or recently released Norway’s Transparency Act or much more targeted initiative the like USA’s Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act – UFLPA).

However, they operate on different methodologies and even culture. Risk management endeavours to remedy challenges to an organization; Human Rights due diligence seeks out the perspective of rightsholders. So just how do we ensure Human Rights performance is not another check-the-box exercise but in fact demonstrates impact and actual risk mitigation?

Moderated by Farid Baddache from Ksapa, this webinar will address actionable methodologies, tools and collaborative initiatives to help organizations mainstream Human Rights due diligence solutions as a tool to streamline their compliance efforts. All this in a granular yet scalable manner, while adapting to fast-evolving risk management regulations.

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