PARIS: SUTTI @ ChangeNow 2023

Ksapa will be presenting our #SUTTI solution at #ChangeNOW 2023, 25th-27st May! The ChangeNOW #summit aims to build bridges between #entrepreneurs, #businessleaders and #policymakers to identify and accelerate solutions for the planet. Along with other impactful #changemakers addressing our planet’s biggest challenges, we will be showcasing our #SUTTI solution – Scale Up Training Traceability Impact […]

WEBINAR: Digital Training and Impact Investing Tools for Responsible Sourcing

Session recorded on March 23th, 2021 ESG Sustainability Smallholding farmers Ksapa examines key challenges and concrete solutions for scaling traceability and capacity-building Solutions across complex supply chains. A flagship program at Ksapa is our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) initiative, designed to improve the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders in typically fragmented […]