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The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness: a turning point in the consideration of animal welfare?

Understand how the New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness is shaping the way we think about animal welfare.

Paying the Living Wage Across Value Chains: Navigating ESRS & Human Rights 

What is an adequate or living wage?   A wage that allows workers to meet their basic needs and also provides them with some discretionary income for other expenses. It is often higher than the legal minimum wage and reflects the actual cost of living in a particular location. A living wage takes into account factors […]

Connecting the Dots Decarbonizing Mobility Altogether

Encouraging the development of decarbonized mobility requires to connect the dots across several industries for holistic progress. Overview.

ESG Reporting: Understanding the 12 ESRS Standards Shaping CSRD

The definitive version of the 12 sustainability reporting standards that shape CSRD is now official. With the end of the review period by the co-legislators, this first series of 12 sector-specific ESRS providing for proportionate but comprehensive reporting on environmental, social and governance issues has now been integrated into the European legal framework. This article explains these standards in just a few minutes.

Leadership and skills to allow companies to adapt to global environmental limits

As part of our advocacy activities, we regularly speak to influential audiences who are in a position to contribute to a fairer, more sustainable economic world. Feedback on a plenary session at the annual ” Understanding and Changing the World ” seminar at Essec business school.