Traceability and Capacity-Building Solutions for Agricultural Commodities

Ksapa examines key challenges and concrete solutions for scaling traceability and capacity-building Solutions across complex supply chains. A flagship program at Ksapa is our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) initiative, designed to improve the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders in typically fragmented commodity supply chains across South-East Asia and Africa. To affect […]

WEBINAR: Walking the talk: Empowering Value Chains to Effect Climate Action

Collaborative investment schemes can bring industrial and investment players together, to offset Covid-19 and persevere in Climate Action. So your company has analyzed its risks, built internal alignment up and down and issued a bold sustainability strategy aligned with a 1,5°c global warming trajectory… What now? Can innovative finance structuring give teeth to sustainability commitments? […]