Using Effective Human Rights Due Diligence to Streamline Compliance Efforts

Human Rights is an important topic that is connected to the global environmental agenda. Anyone practicing in the sustainability and impact sector must have a clear understanding of the global issues of human rights. In this context, Ksapa organized a webinar on Using Effective Human Rights Due Diligence to Streamline Compliance Efforts. Moderated by Farid Baddache, CEO, Ksapa, the event gathered Thomas Thomas, CEO, ASEAN CSR Network, and Eric Ekern, ex-Telenor Consultant working with Norwegian companies. This webinar is primarily for Chief Risk Officers, General Counsel, and Sustainability Leaders, and the replay can be found here.

What is it that we don’t know and are we asking the right questions?  

To truly understand Human Rights, one must dive deeper to understand subthemes of gender, harrassment, forced labor, child trafficking, and rightsholders perspectives, among 100+ others, under the “Duty of Vigilance”.  Duty of Vigilance includes reasonable measures to identify risks and prevent impact on fundamental freedoms for individuals and the environment, or “Do no harm”.  

Investors and other constituents are increasingly focused on these issues and are asking the difficult questions of public and private companies and their ability to understand and mitigate risks across their entire operational supply chains.

With jurisdictional legislation becoming increasingly nuanced on a country-by-country basis in order to address the issues of Human Rights, companies must be aware of the Human Rights Legislative agenda in Europe (France, Germany, The Netherlands) and most recently in Norway (2022); in ASEAN markets (Australia); and the USA with the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act. 

What are the takeaways of this webinar? 

1.  Learn how to become more effective at the intersections of Human Rights Due Diligence,     Compliance and Jurisdiction.

2.  Learn how to better understand the worldwide plethora of legal and ethical initiatives and the nuances of priorities and social justice agendas.

3.   Learn a 5-point plan of Human Rights action your company can engage to mitigate risk. 

4.  Learn about the overlap of UN Guiding Principles, OECD and other agendas to be multi-agency compliant.

5.  Learn how to develop public-private partnership coalitions to address Human Rights.

Ksapa based in Paris, France, with offices in London and New York, can help your company implement the takeaways from this webinar.  Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.

Julie Muraco
Director of Sustainable Finance at Ksapa | more posts

Julie leads engagement with companies on sustainable finance and ESG in U.S.A.

For 30 years, Julie has been working with companies, including their intermediaries in the public and private markets.  Ms. Muraco spent more than 20 years on Wall Street as Vice President with J.P. Morgan’s Cash Markets Division, New York City, and as Managing Director in the Capital Markets Division of Smith Barney in Chicago. Prior to founding Praeditis Group, Ms. Muraco was a Senior Managing Director and head of Global Capital Markets for The NASDAQ Stock Market. She was responsible for strategy and client relations with corporate advisors, investment banks and financial sponsors, transitioning private companies to the public markets.

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