Using ESG Criteria for Investment Decisions in Emerging Economies

In the early 2010’s it was impossible for a company to offer a development strategy without massive investments in emerging countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, emerging countries in Africa and of course China. At the dawn of the next decade, it is urgent to review positions and better balance investments and development projects while maintaining a solid foothold in the old European economies. Comparing the robustness of European economic fundamentals with the major challenges facing emerging economies between now and 2030, Europe has certainly not said its last word

Many Emerging Economies Have Lacked Clear-cut Capacity to Foster Sustainable Development

I was in Berlin last week to meet with federal public authorities, foundations and German companies. The same applies to everyone: things are not going well enough in Europe, and the Germans, alone, will not get anywhere. Interesting. I thought the Germans had a little more morale than the French and the Yellow Vests, the English and their Brexit. This is not the case.

In various emerging countries, after a decade of capital attra