WEBINAR: Mitigating Organizations’ Human Rights Risks

Session recorded on February 1st, 2022 Human Rights Ksapa delves into better mitigating Human Rights risks affecting global organizations. Issues pertaining to social justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities. Worker and gender rights. Those are but of a few of the Human Rights risks that have hoisted themselves […]

WEBINAR: Solutions for Resilient Raw Materials Supply

Session recorded on October 26th, 2021 Impact Last March, Ksapa organized a demo of our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) flagship initiative. We indeed package capacity-building, impact measurement and procurement mapping to bolster the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders. It also affects the sustainable transition and traceability of supply chains across Asia and […]

WEBINAR: Human Rights Due Diligence : Legally-Binding Instruments to date

Session recorded on April 27th, 2021 Human Rights Ksapa shares an overview of legally-binding instruments to date and opens the debate on key gaps and solutions. Around 50 countries have adopted a national action plan to enforce Human Rights due diligence, though most rely on voluntary approaches, awareness-raising and capacity-building. Meanwhile, frontrunners in France, the United […]

WEBINAR: Digital Training and Impact Investing Tools for Responsible Sourcing

Session recorded on March 23th, 2021 ESG Sustainability Smallholding farmers Ksapa examines key challenges and concrete solutions for scaling traceability and capacity-building Solutions across complex supply chains. A flagship program at Ksapa is our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) initiative, designed to improve the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders in typically fragmented […]

WEBINAR: Inclusive Growth: Leadership Lessons of the Great Recession

Session recorded on September 1st, 2020 Human Rights Sustainability Shaping Inclusive Growth: Leadership Lessons of the Great Recession – Ksapa partners with the Harvard Belfer Center and OECD for insightful webinar! Covid-19 is generating unprecedent economic and social crisis as inequalities are shaping explosive social contexts. Meanwhile, environmental challenges the likes of climate change, biodiversity […]