Solutions for Resilient Raw Materials Supply

Ksapa examines key challenges and concrete solutions for building more resilient sensitive raw materials supply chains.

Last March, Ksapa organized a demo of our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) flagship initiative. We indeed package capacity-building, impact measurement and procurement mapping to bolster the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders. It also affects the sustainable transition and traceability of supply chains across Asia and Africa. But what about sourcing raw materials, often as sensitive as they are strategic? Socio-environmental and Human Rights issues linked to key procurement categories are usually well identified by businesses, yet they still end up clinching supply flows, generating costs linked to delays, lack of quality or customer dissatisfaction. In this webinar, Ksapa will share perspectives with potential buyers, IT solutions providers and supporting investors. That way, we’ll outline actionable solutions to build more resilient sensitive raw materials supply chains.

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