PARIS: SUTTI @ ChangeNow 2023

Ksapa will be presenting our #SUTTI solution at #ChangeNOW 2023, 25th-27st May! The ChangeNOW #summit aims to build bridges between #entrepreneurs, #businessleaders and #policymakers to identify and accelerate solutions for the planet. Along with other impactful #changemakers addressing our planet’s biggest challenges, we will be showcasing our #SUTTI solution – Scale Up Training Traceability Impact […]

WEBINAR | Leveraging Foundations’ Assets for Impact

Session recorded on April 26, 2022 Sustainable Finance & ESG Ksapa delves into the legal and tax considerations around the use of PRI and MRI Mission-related investments (MRIs) and program-related investments (PRIs) are designed to create positive social impact combined with a certain degree of financial return. Despite this similarity, however, each type of investment […]

WEBINAR: Solutions for Resilient Raw Materials Supply

Session recorded on October 26th, 2021 Impact Last March, Ksapa organized a demo of our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) flagship initiative. We indeed package capacity-building, impact measurement and procurement mapping to bolster the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders. It also affects the sustainable transition and traceability of supply chains across Asia and […]

The Wheel of 17 SDG

WEBINAR: Matching SDG Pledges with Impact Metrics

Session recorded on June 29, 2021 ESG & finance à impact sustainability In its upcoming webinar, Ksapa will examine key challenges and concrete solutions to match commitments with SDG Impact Metrics. There is a $12 trillion in business opportunity and 380 million potential job creations in comprehensive corporate action against the 2030 Agenda. While most […]

WEBINAR: Digital Training and Impact Investing Tools for Responsible Sourcing

Session recorded on March 23th, 2021 ESG Sustainability Smallholding farmers Ksapa examines key challenges and concrete solutions for scaling traceability and capacity-building Solutions across complex supply chains. A flagship program at Ksapa is our Scale Up Training, Traceability and Impact (SUTTI) initiative, designed to improve the productivity, livelihoods and resilience of smallholders in typically fragmented […]