3 Suggestions to Start 2023 With Optimism Working With Ksapa

Let’s start the year 2023 with optimism; because 2022 has finally delivered its share of good surprises, and we should appreciate the glass half full rather than criticize the glass half empty. After all:  

These advances for the environment were far from being won in a context of multiple crises (energy, food, inflation and debt), and as the war in Ukraine in particular is shaking multilateralism.    

We have been following these agendas for over 20 years. We have been seeing years of inaction on climate change, biodiversity targets and zero deforestation. But the awareness is there. The context is favorable. States, companies and investors have no other path than that of transformation and adaptation to this new environmental situation, carried out with concern for a just transition and respect for human rights, to bring about change as well as regulatory compliance. On this path, announcements that are not followed by credible action will obviously be insufficient, if not incapacitating.   

In 2023, scaling up transformations will only be possible by working deeply on the food, energy and urban systems, all three of which have the specificity of concentrating most of the challenges of biodiversity erosion and climate disruption, while being key human spaces, where issues of poverty and inequality make questions of respect for human rights particularly sensitive.   

In response, Ksapa is and will continue to be the strategic partner of its clients and partners around the world with 3 suggestions to approach 2023 with optimism:  

1. Clarify the business case again and again   

The environmental, social and ethical issues that are at the heart of Ksapa’s agenda are too important to be used in any way. It is not by value, principle or opinion that these reflections must be anchored at the heart of any economic project, but because these themes intrinsically feed the performance of these economic projects.   

Ksapa’s consulting services provide methodologies and expertise in ESG strategy, human rights, climate change, stakeholder engagement, responsible sourcing, and sustainable and impact finance. They are deployed alongside our clients to create alignment around a concrete, value-creating business case, transcending cycles and individualities within organizations.   

2. Design and deploy holistic, multi-stakeholder programs on strategic priorities  

The food, energy and urban systems at the heart of the environmental and social transformations which have become imperative, require holistic and multi-stakeholder approaches. Ksapa works alongside its clients to achieve this by providing digital and financial tools that enable them to embrace complex themes and combine a diverse range of interests in operational programs on the ground, anchored in the reality of regions across the world.   

3. Create alignment between stakeholders on these complex issues.   

As Ksapa operates as a mission-driven company, our teams share and lead various considerations throughout the year involving complex ecosystems of stakeholders. We will thus work with France Invest throughout 2023 with the Human Rights Working Group to help the finance community align on approaches that ensure the proper consideration of these complex issues in their investment decision-making processes, in compliance with a converging regulatory framework that requires the strengthening of methodologies and expertise.  

Ksapa remains more than ever an international catalyst for concrete and innovative solutions for a fairer, more sustainable, and faster transition.  Join the movement working with us in 2023!

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Author of several books and resources on business, sustainability and responsibility. Working with top decision makers pursuing transformational changes for their organizations, leaders and industries. Working with executives improving resilience and competitiveness of their company and products given their climate and human right business agendas. Connect with Farid Baddache on Twitter at @Fbaddache.

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