WEBINAR: Circular Materials: Helping industry decide, set goals & chart progress

Session recorded on January 26th, 2021
Ksapa teams up with Sacha Radovitch to discuss the Circular Materials Guidelines and chart best practices/use cases for circular fashion.

In 2020, Fashion Positive released the first-ever Circular Materials Guidelines for the apparel, footwear and textile industry. The document defines just what constitutes circular fibers and offers recommendations for design to apply them toward fostering a truly circular fashion.

Fashion Positive developed the Circular Materials Guidelines in open collaboration with key industry players. Where does the industry stand now? Are there best practices to address chemical safety, cleaner water, and renewable energy? What are the options for funding innovation for circularity at scale?


With the participation of the following experts

  • Sasha Radovich, Fashion Positive, Executive Director
  • Karla Mora, Founder and Managing Partner, Alante Capital
  • Satumajia Mäki, Chief Advisor, Sustainability and Circular Economy, Finnish Textile and Fashion


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Session recording

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