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How to Improve Commodity Supply Chains Using Digital Technologies?

6 technologies are leading profound digital transformations of our supply chains. Here are some insights learning from initiatives underway making the most especially of mobile applications and innovative finance.

Why Sustainability and ESG are Strategic Tools to Invest in Emerging Economies?

By 2030, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico will belong to the top 10 global economies. Sustainability & ESG help to succeed in emerging economies.

Back to the Basics: How to Make Stakeholder Engagement Meaningful for Your Organization

Stakeholder engagement can be more complicated in practice. Here are practical recommendations to strategize and succeed.

Using ESG Criteria for Investment Decisions in Emerging Economies

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria help to see how investments in Europe can still pay off compared to investments in emerging economies.

Two Ways Responsible Investors Can Promote Inclusive Growth

Two Ways Responsible Investors Can Promote Inclusive Growth

A 2015 survey of millennials around the world found that growing economic and social inequalities were their top concern. And it isn’t only millennials: The JUST Capital Roadmap for Corporate America has found for three years in a row that the number one public concern of corporate behavior of persons of all ages, income levels, and political parties is worker […]